The Honorable Chief Justice High Court of Sindh Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali M Shaikh Distributes the Certificates among the participants of Batch 65 and Law Students of Mock Trial Tarining

The ceremony was started with the recitation of the selected verses from the Holy Quran by Mr. Mohammad Murtaza Khan, I.T Expert/Faculty Member Sindh Judicial Academy. Mr. Muhammad Shahid Shafiq, Learned Senior Faculty Member and District & Sessions Judge, the host of this event, welcomed the Honorable guests and the participants.

In his welcome address Honorable Mr. Justice Khilji Arif Hussain, former Judge Supreme Court of Pakistan and Director General, Sindh Judicial Academy thanked the Honorable Chief Justice of Sindh for sparing time from his tight schedule for this event. He said that ever since the beginning, the Academy has imparted general training programs as well as specialized subject trainings to different levels of Judicial Officers. The Honorable Chief Justice of Sindh Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali M Shaikh produced the idea of conducting six days training sessions to the final year students of different law universities/colleges at Academy. This course was designed for providing the knowledge of law and as well as the practical knowledge of court proceedings by conducting the mock trials during the sessions.

The Honorable Director General said that at the end of this course the students are capable of the basic knowledge of:-

  • How to file a civil suit?
  • How to file a criminal petition?
  • How to file a family case and proceed khula cases?
  • How to conduct and behave with Honorable Judges and court staff?
  • How to record confessional statements?
  • How to do the cross examination?
  • How to find and give the reference of a specific case law?
  • How to defend an opposite council?
  • How to give the logical answer to the question raised by the Honorable Judge(s)?

He also highlighted the features of three months training program of newly appointed Additional District & Sessions Judges.

Later, a representative from the Batch 65 of newly appointed Additional District & Sessions Judges, Mr. Muhammad Ali, expressed the feelings. He thanked his fellow participants and Academy for giving this honor to represent his batch. He said that “we are also thankful to my Lord Justice(R) Khilji Arif Hussain Director General Sindh Academy, who has arranged and organized this training during which we have been sufficiently equipped with all most all the necessary knowledge and tools to perform our duties while conducting the court business as well as to maintain the dignity and respect of the judiciary as an institution. During this training we had opportunity to sit with the senior Additional District and Sessions Judges at City Court Karachi which practice helped us to understand the practical aspects of our jobs. We were also given assignments on different judgements writings in civil and criminal cases. Mock trials were also conducted which also helped in understanding of the court proceedings. We are also grateful to Mr. Justice Khilji Arif Hussain for delivering us lectures on different topics more particularly on the topic of balanced and impartial judiciary. We are also thankful to respectable Senior Faculty Members Madam Nuzhat Ara Alvi Mr. Muhammad Shahid Shafiq, Dr. Chaudhry Waseem Iqbal and other visiting faculty members who shared their best experiences while working as judges and enriched us with more practical knowledge and information.”

Mr. Muhammad Ali also added that “while undertaking this training course we have been sensitized with our duties and responsibilities as Addition District & Sessions Judges which are of vital importance for us and shall always help us in keeping high standards of professional ethics and conduct.”

Two representatives Mr. Saad Amar Hussain and Ms. Asma Abro from the batch of students of law colleges/universities also expressed their views regarding the training. They started their speech with beautiful Hamdia lines from Sindh poetry:

“Jedo tunjo Naa,

Bajh bhi odi mangyaan.”

                (As high as is your Name,

                I ask for your affection so much.)

“Je moun moorhi mat,

Te toun panr sunyarj supreen.”

                (If you find me lacking,

                Look unto You, for You are the Lord of Mercy!)

They thanked Sindh Judicial Academy for its attempt and initiative to better and upgrade the standard of legal education and advocacy in those of us hailing from the downtrodden areas of our Province. Mr. Saad Amr Hussain said that “credit to, where credit is due. This initiative of-course is a brainchild of Hon’ble Director General Sindh Judicial Academy and former Justice Supreme Court Khilji Arif Hussain Saheb.”

He also added that “it is indeed a matter of pride, especially for us, as ours is the pioneer batch of law students to ever undergo this kind of a training at the Sindh Judicial Academy. For this immense and humbling honor, we the students of different universities from across Sindh shall remain obliged and ever-indebted to this prestigious Academy.”

Ms. Asma Abro very excitedly said that ‘it’s brilliant how my co speaker has summed up what we have learnt. But we the academic side of things was not the only feature of our stay at the Academy and we certainly did not spend all our time in the class rooms. We were also fortunate to be sent to visit places like the Forensic Science Laboratory – fully equipped with state of the art machines. We were briefed by the Department officers of Digital Forensics, Ballistic Forensics, and Vehicle crimes unit. Moreover, we were also sent for recreational tour for a day full of enjoyment of which the expenses were borne by the Academy itself.”

In his address Honorable Chief Justice of Sindh Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali M Shaikh said that he always enjoys coming here to Academy. He said that this Academy is the Mother Institution for Sindh Judiciary. Speaking to the law students he said that today I am into the nostalgia for my student life. He told them that advocates are also an essential part of the courts. He advised the students to believe in the fair practice, although you will be getting the cases from tiers of society but always go through the papers and do not accept any cases without merit. He added that the respect and position cannot be obtained by money.

Addressing the newly appointed Additional District & Sessions Judges, Honorable Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali M Shaikh said that “judges are not bureaucrats and consider that you are not selected by any selection committee but by Al Mighty Allah. Though there is a time for coming to the courts but there is no time limit for a judicial officer to wind up his daily work”.

Describing the problems of a common man he said that “nobody comes to the court willingly but in the worst situations. You have to consider that it is not only the accused who is suffering but his family is also in distressed situation. If you see that there is nothing in the case so instead of delaying it for months and years, decide it at your earliest.” He reminded the respectable participants that “soon we all will be in a bigger court of justice. The Court of Al Mighty Allah. Nobody is watching you but Allah. You should be accountable to your conscious. Keep fear of God and you will become a good judge. Listen to your conscious and never consider ‘what are the people going say?’ “

Honorable Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali M Shaikh said that he came through a process so follow the rules and regulation and be fair; you will achieve the place where you belong. He made an announcement that soon we are going to open an extension of Judicial Academy in District Thatta and later this Sindh Judicial Academy will be having its branch in every Districts of the Province. He also announced that we are planning to call the same batch of law students after a year.

Finally, the Honorable Chief Justice of High Court of Sindh Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali M Shaikh said that “though the accommodation and facilities are less here at Academy but the heart of Honorable Director General is very big”.

The Honorable Chief Justice then distributed the certificates and souvenir among the participants of Batch 65 and the law students.

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