Certificate Distribution Ceremony of Newly Promoted District and Sessions Judges, Batch 64

The ceremony was started with the recitation of selected verses of Holy Quran by Dr. Ch. Wasim Iqbal, Faculty Member, Sindh Judicial Academy. The Honorable Director General, Sindh Judicial Academy thanked the Chief Justice High Court of Sindh Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali M Shaikh and other distinguished guests for sparing their precious time to visit the Academy. He told the participants that Honorable Chief Justice, being a very busy person, especially spared the time for this event, this shows his dedication to the District Judiciary and how much he believes in it. He also added about his high expectations are from this tier of Judiciary.

The Honorable Director General started his speech with the recent tragedy of Mishal Khan in the University of KPK at Mardan and said that we are living in a society where people take the law in their hands just because they believe that if they go to the judiciary, the case will prolong and will take a lot of time and there is no surety whether they are going to get the justice or not. We should work together for changing this impression of a common man regarding the Judicial System.

While describing the “Road Map for Justice Vision 2017-2027 to meet the challenges in an unpredictable future” in his presentation he said that “Over the course of the last few years, repeated headlines and sensationalized items in newspapers and on TV shows project the blame for the failings of justice system squarely on the overburdened shoulders of the judiciary. A skewed one sided tale is narrated to the citizens which further destroys the already eroding carcass of trust between the state and the citizen. The growth in this trust deficit has been the root cause of many evils and setbacks such as mob violence in the guise of vigilante justice, an entranced disconnection between marginalized and vulnerable segments and others and a general surge in the reluctance to approach the formal system for redressal of grievances.” He said that it seems to be a deliberate conspiracy going against the judiciary by the electronic and print media because of the western interest or so. Producing the data about that he said that 4 Articles in 2017, 19 in 2016, 12 in 2015, 6 in 2014 and 2 in 2013 are already published in renowned newspapers against us, as a result, common man is losing confidence on our judicial system.

Describing the decision of Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan in the case of MFMY Industries Ltd v. Federation of Pakistan 2015 SCMR 1550 he quoted that “In furtherance to this, I would also like to add  here that judiciary which lacks courage to do justice without fear and favor, is biased, suffers from the vice of self-interest, is tardy, indolent and incompetent and has no urge, will, passion and ability to decided the cases/disputes before it expeditiously, it falls in the romance of aggrandizement and populism is a danger to the State and the society. Whereas, a great virtue of a judicial functionary is that he applies the rules of balancing and proportionality while perfuming his functions and discharging his duties.”

The Honorable Director General said that in early 2000, a decision was taken in India that there should be a judge for the population of 20,000 people. He said that population of our country has increased rapidly; data are not properly collected, hence, no analysis are done. Eventually, the common man is suffering.

He invited all the stakeholders to come forward and work together to form policies and procedures for making timely justice possible for the common man of our society. He also added that measures should be taken for making the amendments in the Constitution and Laws

A representative of the participants of batch 64, Ms. Sadaf Khokhar, in her speech, thanked Honorable Director General for his keen interest in making the training program a great success. She also expressed her gratitude to all the faculty members of Judicial Academy for providing useful training to the participants. She also appreciated the effort of the staff of Academy for providing them good hospitality.

The Honorable Chief Justice of High Court of Sindh, Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali M Shaikh started his speech by praising Al-Mighty Allah by reciting verses of Holy Quran and the poetry of Great Shah Abdul Latif Sain:

(The One Creator, the all greats; Lord of the universe- The living, the original;

Ruler with power innate;

The giver, the sustainer, the unique, compassionate;

This master praise, to Him alone thyself in praise prostrate..

The generous, who does create the universe in pairs..)

The Honorable Chief Justice said that he is always eager to get an invitation from the Academy and this certificate distribution ceremony made it possible for him to come to this mother institution of the Sindh Judiciary. He emphasized the participants to be punctual on the job and become a road model for sub-ordinate staff of their respective Districts.

Describing the past, he said that it took almost 30 years for a judicial officer to become a District and Sessions Judge but by the Grace of Al-Mighty, we have a young blood at the top of our District Judiciary and most of our judges are in between 38 to 42 years of age. Thus the expectations are higher from them.

The Honorable Chief Justice told the learned Judges that we are not the bureaucrats, that is, our job timings do not come to an end at 1:30 p.m. to dispense the timely justice we have to sit till late hours. The induction of new comers is purely on merit. This can be seen by the fact that one of our Judicial Magistrate is a son of Mr. Ismail, who sells the tea in front the office of District Larkana.

Unfolding the worst conditions of District Jails and the prisoners, he instructed the newly promoted District and Sessions Judges to have periodical visits of the respective Jails. He said that instead of sitting in the air-conditioned rooms of Jail Superintendents, its better the Judges should visit the prisoners, personally find out their problems and try resolve them promptly.

Regarding the current behavior of Print and Electronic Media towards judiciary, the Honorable Chief Justice said that we should take their criticism positively. He said that we know the importance of media and it’s a blessing that we are criticized and come to know the areas which need improvement. He instructed the participants not to waste the time by having a chit chat with their colleagues in their chambers but to dedicate their time to justice among the litigants.

Comparing the recent time with the past, he said that there is a huge difference in the Present Judges and the change is very positive. In the olden time District and Sessions Judge was not even able to afford a car they used to ask advocates to lend their cars to pick up their families when they used to visit there. Now our junior clerk is getting more salary than an MBA usually get in a firm. Therefore, there should be a zero tolerance policy on Corruption and being a District and Sessions Judge efforts be made to your subordinate staff.

The Honorable Chief Justice requested the participants to take their job as Divine duty bestowed by Al-Mighty Allah, deliver their level best, and at the end of the day, they will find themselves a relieved person. Finally, the Honorable Chief Justice Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali M Shaikh prayed for the prosperous future of newly promoted District and Sessions Judges.

Later on, Mr. Muhammad Shahid Shafiq, District and Sessions Judge and Sr. Faculty Member delivered the vote of thanks to distinguished guests and the participants.

The Honorable Chief Justice Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali M Shaikh, the Honorable Senior Puisne Judge High Court of Sindh Mr. Justice Irfan Saadat Khan and the Honorable Director General, Sindh Judicial Academy, Mr. Justice Khilji Arif Hussain distributed the certificates among the participants.

The ceremony was concluded by the traditional group photograph of the participants with the Honorable guests and the hosts followed by lunch.